Window and Screen Cleaning Services

Window and Screen Cleaning

Window and Screen Cleaning Services

Window and screen cleaning services will help to keep your home looking its best. It will also allow more light to filter into your home, making it look brighter and happier. Dirty window screens trap dust, pollen and other allergens and can irritate people with allergies, contributing to symptoms such as fatigue, runny nose and itchy eyes.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

A clean window helps to prevent the build-up of dirt and grime that contributes to bad indoor air quality. It also allows for natural light to enter your home, which brightens your mood and boosts energy.

Water spots and fingerprints are the obvious grime offenders on windows, but your glass can be prone to smoke film build-up from activities such as cooking, smoking, burning candles or using your home’s fireplace. In addition, dirty windows can promote the growth of unhealthy mold that stains and causes respiratory infections.

Window and Screen Cleaning
Window and Screen Cleaning

Poor indoor air quality can cause symptoms such as cough, runny nose, sinus problems and headache. Keeping your windows clean, along with installing high-quality new windows, can increase ventilation and improve air quality. The right window style can even help lower your energy bills.

Keeps Spiders Away

Spiders are attracted to dirty screens and windows, as they provide the perfect environment for building webs. Spiders can also get into your home through cracked doors and window frames. Regular window cleaning removes spiders and their webs, keeping them away from your home.

While it is important to clean your windows regularly, you should also take other precautions to keep spiders away from your home. For example, you can plant a mint or lavender bush around your windows, as they have strong scents that will repel spiders. You can also use natural deterrents like cedar wood chips, peppermint oil, and citrus scents to ward off spiders.

It is also important to prevent spiders from entering your home in the first place by removing any areas they can hide in, such as leaves, grass clippings, compost piles and vegetation. You can also check all door openings and window sills for cracks that they may be able to crawl through and apply caulk as needed.

Increases the Lifespan of Your Screens

Clean window screens aren’t just an attractive addition to a home; they also keep outside pests away. The thick, durable material acts as a barrier that keeps out bugs, lizards and mosquitoes that can easily make it through damaged or dirty windows.

A quick way to remove loose dust and dirt from a screen is to roll a lint brush over both sides of the fabric. However, the lint brush does not do well in getting to the nooks and crannies of a screen that are covered in caked-on, hardened grime.

Window and Screen Cleaning
Window and Screen Cleaning

If your screens are super filthy, consider taking them off and laying them on a tarp outside. Place a bucket of hot, soapy water near the tarp and use a sponge to wash the screens thoroughly on both sides. After washing them, hose them down on a low pressure setting (to avoid damaging them). Dry the screens thoroughly before reinstalling them in your windows.

Keeps Your Home Clean

Clean windows and window screens allow for proper ventilation, reducing the likelihood of mold buildup and keeping the air you breathe cleaner. They also provide a clear view of your outdoor garden or the beautiful mountains surrounding your home, which is sure to boost your curb appeal.

While it is best to avoid cleaning with harsh chemicals that may discolor your window frames, a bit of mineral spirits or acetone on a lint-free cloth can remove stubborn marks and smudges. Always wipe gently to prevent scratching the glass or frame.

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