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South Jordan Window Cleaning is looking to train a few superstars to become expert window cleaning technicians. We have many opportunities for rapid advancement!

This a real career path that can take you places. You’ll learn skills and a trade you can take with you wherever you go and always be able to make money. And it’s really fun work!

South Jordan Window Cleaning is Salt Lake County’s top-reviewed window cleaning company.

If you are sick of working with jerks, working harder than everyone else around you and getting paid the same, getting stomped on by some manager on a power trip, or some other crappy situation, maybe you should give us a look.

Here are three great reasons to apply for :

  • We are growing like crazy and there is plenty of opportunity for rapid advancement.

  • We only hire “A Players” so you won’t have to work with jerks, bums or lazy people.

  • You can earn a really great living. Pay your bills and have some money left over for fun stuff!

If you check all these boxes, you might be a great fit!

–You are upbeat and positive each day

–You can check your ego at the door and work with a team

–You get a sense of satisfaction after a hard day of physical work.

–You are tough, mentally and physically.

–You have a healthy respect for heights, but aren’t afraid of ladders or working on roofs.

–You are looking to grow professionally AND personally.

–You are eager to learn and can take constructive criticism without getting offended.

–You love being outside (we mean “Utah” outside, so that includes all the crazy weather conditions we get here…).

If you answer “YES” to any of the following statements, please don’t contact us:

–You are grumpy in the morning.

–Your favorite place is under the covers in your mom’s basement.

–You are afraid of heights (don’t try to fool us on this… we will know right away.)

–You are a victim, a whiner or complainer.

–You smoke at work, you do drugs, or you drink heavily.

–You are a weakling and can’t lift heavy stuff.

–You are afraid of it getting too cold or too hot out.

–You are ranked top 10 in the world in Fortnite.

Here is what we have to offer you:

You will be trained to clean windows and you’ll also be trained in customer service and safety. Our training programs will get you up to speed quickly. It’s up to you how fast you advance in our company.

You will be trained in our company culture so you can become a positive influence on our awesome team, and so that our team can influence you and help you succeed at work and in your personal life.

You will start as a technician and will be paid an hourly rate of $18/hour!

As you make your way through our process, you can reach out to become a Crew Leader, where you can easily make over $23/hour.

The basic requirements for this job are as follows:

–Must be able to lift over 90 pounds easily and be able to carry ladders safely.

–Must not be afraid of heights and should be comfortable on roofs.

–Must have a valid Driver’s License and reliable transportation to and from work.

–Must be 18 or older.

–Must be able to pass a basic drug and background check.

–Must not be a jerk.

We are an equal opportunity company. We love men and women. It’s all about attitude and hustle at South Jordan Window Cleaning. If you are the right person it will not be because of your age, race, or gender.

To apply, send an email to and list out 3 reasons why you are a good fit for this position!

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