What is the Best Window Cleaning Tool?

When used correctly, a good window cleaning tool can help achieve spotless and streak-free windows. It can also speed up the process and keep you safe by allowing you to stay off ladders.

A great window cleaner has a microfibre cloth side and a squeegee side, meaning it is perfect for all surfaces. It can also come with a telescopic pole that is available in various lengths to ensure you can reach high surfaces without risking your safety. You’ll be glad you read this!

Microfibre Cloths

Microfiber cloths are the best tool for wiping down windows and leaving them streak-free. They can also be used to apply and remove wax and polishes from car bodywork and interiors, and they are perfect for wiping down computer screens and smart devices. They absorb dust and dirt better than cotton, so they are also great for sanitizing surfaces.

Look for a microfiber cloth that is thick and soft to the touch. A good quality microfiber cloth will last up to 500 washes and can be reused time after time.

Microfiber cleaning tools are a lot less expensive than more advanced window cleaners and often easier to use. They’re also easy to clean and dry. Air dry them or put them on the cool cycle of your dryer to avoid fluffing them. They should be washed separately from other clothes or cleaning cloths as they may stick to them, and you don’t want that lint getting all over your clean windows!


Window squeegees scrub away spots and remove water to leave windows with a streak-free shine. The best squeegees are lightweight to avoid excessive strain on the arms and feature safety features that hold the blade firmly in place. Look for a squeegee with a removable microfiber cloth, which can be machine washed, so you can keep your squeegee looking fresh. Many squeegees also feature extendable clips and telescopic handles to increase reach without compromising quality or safety.

Squeegees are an essential tool for professional window cleaners and come in a variety of sizes to suit the job. For example, some squeegees come with a short pole that’s ideal for cleaning one-story buildings, while others have long extensions to allow you to clean tall windows without the need for ladders. Some squeegees even have curved edge guidance to help you get into tight corners. The right squeegee can make or break your ability to wash windows like a pro.

Telescopic Poles

If you’re looking for a window cleaning tool that helps you reach higher windows, consider getting a telescopic pole. These are used by professional window cleaners as they’re safer than ladders and allow them to stay on the ground, but you can also use them for your domestic chores.

By fastening a mop to an expandable pole and then replacing it with a rubber squeegee for soap residue, you can get your windows cleaned without climbing a ladder. Alternatively, you can use an extension pole to reach the corners of high ceilings.

Unger telescoping poles are the perfect tools for professional window cleaners. They come in carbon, glass, and a hybrid of both fibers and are lightweight to help you maintain control while working at heights. They are designed for easy operation and feature internal locking mechanisms. You can also use them with a variety of tools, including scrubbers and squeegees. Their innovative design helps you achieve superior results compared to traditional methods of cleaning.

Extension Poles

Often sold at janitorial goods suppliers, hardware stores, and home centers, extension poles are telescoping tools that attach to scrubbers, strip washers, sponges, squeegees, and paint rollers. They extend to a length that allows the user to clean high windows and walls without having to use a ladder.

Look for a sturdy material like aluminum when choosing an extension pole. It’s tough and durable but still lightweight enough to maneuver and handle the weight of the attached cleaning head. A non-slip surface on the pole also helps maintain a steady grip to ensure precision and safety.

High exterior windows are a challenge to clean and need professional equipment to reach. While some DIY window cleaning hacks do work, they tend to cause property/bodily harm or don’t deliver the cleanliness that professionals can achieve. Instead, consider working with a pro that uses high-quality extension poles and specialized cleaning tools to streamline the process. This will help you avoid property/bodily damage and save money in the long run! Discover more interesting articles.