Best Residential Window Washers

Residential Window Washers

Best Residential Window Washers

Cleaning your windows can be a hassle. You need to get a ladder, clean the frames, and purchase cleaning supplies. It may take you a whole weekend to complete the task. Residential window washers have to do four different things before starting their work day: reading the plan, pre-walking the route, putting on equipment and checking their supplies. This helps them avoid accidents while working on high surfaces.


It costs about some hundred dollars to clean all the windows in a residential home. This includes the interior and exterior cleaning. Some companies charge extra for removing hard water stains and other mineral deposits. Others include the cost of screens in their quotes.

Best Residential Window Washers
Best Residential Window Washers

Many window washers work by the hour. The price varies by location, but is usually around less than hundred dollars per hour. The price is also based on whether the job requires climbing on ladders or using power washing equipment. Keeping up with your window washing schedule is important, as it prevents dirt and grime from building up.

If you want to do your own window cleaning, you’ll need a squeegee and cleaning solution. You can purchase a starter window cleaning kit for about hundred dollars. The kit includes a bucket, scraper, and cleaning head. You’ll also need a ladder, which can cost around hundred dollars for a safe one. You can find these items at hardware stores.


The best window washers have a good understanding of how to safely operate and maintain powered access equipment. They also have a detailed site plan and risk assessment that they use to identify hazards before cleaning a building. They also make sure that all entryways are clear and accessible. In addition, they make sure that their equipment is inspected regularly and that their workers are trained to operate it correctly.

They can remove environmental contaminants such as acid rain, hard water, and oxidation from the glass surface of windows. This helps extend the life of the glass and reduces maintenance costs. The professional cleaners also offer additional services such as tinting and power washing.

They use specialized equipment to clean different types of windows, including high-rise buildings. They can also spot problems with the windows, such as wood rot and ill-fitting window screens, and address them before they become serious issues. In addition, they can provide a variety of other residential and commercial services, such as pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and roof moss removal.


A quality window cleaning company will clean both the inside and outside of your windows, vacuuming the sills as well. They will also check for wood rot, mildew, termites, and inadequate insulation around the frames and glass. These inspections can catch problems early, which means you’ll need to hire professionals less often.

Window cleaners usually charge per home, as opposed to a commercial building with a large number of windows. They may also charge by the pane, depending on the type of windows and whether or not they are multi-pane or single-pane.

Residential Window Washers
Residential Window Washers

When choosing a residential window washing company, it’s important to read online reviews and testimonials. You should find a company that is rated highly by previous customers and offers a fair price. Avoid companies that are too cheap, as they may cut corners or skip important steps. Also, stay around while the work is being done to make sure that everything is up to your standards.


Professional window cleaners are trained to use the proper cleaning equipment for every job. They also don’t cut corners because repeat business depends on their reputation for thorough cleaning. This is why you should always hire a team that has the right insurance policies.

General liability insurance is a must for any window cleaning company. It protects your business from third-party property damages and bodily injuries. It can also include advertising injury coverage, which helps cover legal fees and settlements if someone sues over your company’s name or logo.

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