Why Should You Hire a Window Washing Company?

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Why Should You Hire a Window Washing Company?

When you hire a professional window washing company, they will clean your windows thoroughly. This is because they take pride in their work and want to maintain their reputation. They also have the proper equipment and supplies to get the job done well. This allows them to clean every window safely and efficiently.

Professional equipment

When it comes to window cleaning, professional companies have a wide range of tools and equipment they use. These include extension poles that allow them to reach higher windows and a bucket that allows them to carry soapy water for window washing.

A squeegee is another tool that window washing companies must have in their arsenal. These are made of rubber and come in different sizes to fit various window types.

Depending on the job at hand, professionals may opt for a classic brass squeegee that has a rubber blade. These are a little more durable and have a good grip but you can also find lighter plastic squeegees that work just as well and are much faster to change out.

Surgical towels and microfiber cloths are important tools for detailing and achieving streak-free glass surfaces. These are reusable and great for detailing windows without leaving lint behind.

Window Washing
Window Washing


Cleaning the windows of high-rise buildings is a job that requires a lot of safety measures. These measures are designed to protect both the workers and those who pass by.

Professional window cleaners must be well-trained and follow safety standards to prevent accidents. These rules include wearing proper PPE (personal protective equipment) and keeping a 10-foot distance from electrical lines.

Besides, they must avoid distractions like phones and music while working at the scaffolding. These distractions can increase the risk of an accident.

The most common hazard that a professional window washer encounters is falling from a height. It can cause serious injuries or even death.

The International Window Cleaners Association (IWCA) has a program called I-14.1 that outlines guidelines for safe practices. This program has helped reduce the number of accidents and fatalities in the industry.

Saves you time

When you hire a professional window washing company, they will make your windows look spotless and squeaky clean. This helps attract customers and boost your business’s image.

Hiring a pro will also save you time. This is especially beneficial for busy people who don’t have the time to spend scrubbing and vacuuming every window in their home or business.

A professional cleaning service will take care of each window in a timely manner and have the proper equipment to get the job done right. They can also use the ladders they have to reach the high outside windows and access hard-to-reach areas in your home.

A professional will also know how to manage pests like wasps and hornets that might be living in between the panes of your windows. This will ensure your safety and keep them from stinging you or flying into your home.

Saves you money

Window washing not only helps your home look great, it also improves energy efficiency. Clean windows allow sunlight to shine into the interior spaces of your house, which naturally lowers heating and cooling costs.

Professional window cleaning companies have top-of-the-line equipment and tools to power wash your windows to a dazzling finish. They have a squeegee and pressure washer that can remove dirt, grime, and dust to a crisp finish.

The price to have your windows professionally cleaned depends on several factors, including the size of your home, the number of windows, and the complexity of the job. Some companies will also charge an extra fee for interior windows that they must access through sills and tracks.

You could save a lot of money by hiring a professional window washing company. They not only have the right equipment and supplies, but they’re also trained to do a thorough job. Plus, they’re insured so that you won’t be liable for any accidents or damages.

Residential Window Cleaning
Residential Window Cleaning

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