Sugar House Park

Sugar House Park is a 110-acre (45 ha) park located between I-80, 2100 South, 1300 East, and 1700 East in the Sugar House neighborhood of Salt Lake City, Utah.

This historic park is a popular destination for residents and visitors. Rolling grassy hills, athletic fields, multiple playgrounds, a creek, and a pond provide plenty of space to fly a kite or have a picnic. Read on to know more.

The History of Sugar House Park

Located between I-80, 2100 South, and 1300 East in the Sugar House neighborhood, this 110-acre park is at the heart of the area. Its popularity is reflected in the number of events it hosts each year, as well as its wide array of recreational activities and attractions.

In addition to its enchanting natural setting, Sugar House Park also provides a fascinating historical backdrop for visitors. It pays tribute to one of the first Mormon Pioneer business endeavors.

The early settlement of Sugar House was not a planned town but rather grew as industrial and transportation needs arose. Streetcar connections helped to drive its development, especially in the southeast section of the city.

The Park’s Amphitheater

The Park’s Amphitheater is a popular destination for outdoor concerts. Located at the top of the mountain overlooking the Salt Lake City valley, this venue offers incredible mountain sunsets and an open-air concert experience that is not found anywhere else in the area.

The Amphitheater has between 13,000 and 20,000 lawn seats, plus 7,000 reserved seats, so there is plenty of seating for everyone. Despite the size, the Amphitheater has a very laid-back atmosphere and is perfect for families and friends to enjoy a night out under the stars.

The City of Tyler has partnered with Centene Corp and plans to renovate the Amphitheater in one of the city’s oldest parks. The improvements include bringing the amphitheater up to date with lighting and sound, fixing drainage issues, and adding shade over seats. A $325,000 donation from the Centene Charitable Foundation is expected to cover the cost of renovations. Here is another spot to visit.

The Park’s Pond

The Park’s Pond is a popular attraction for residents and visitors of Salt Lake City. It is a great place for a picnic or to go sledding in the winter.

It is also a great place to take a stroll, bike ride, or walk with your dog. It is home to a pond, creek, playground, volleyball court, and rentable pavilions.

Aside from the pond, Sugar House Park also offers several other amenities including seven pavilions, soccer and baseball fields, a basketball court, a horseshoe ring, and a sledding hill.

The pond is usually drained in the fall, but due to the dry conditions caused by the drought, it will be drained earlier than usual this year. This is to prevent wild birds from getting sick and to help limit the spread of bacteria that can cause avian botulism, which is dangerous to ducks and geese.

The Park’s Playground

Salt Lake City is surrounded by mountains and natural spaces that make it a great place to explore nature. And, while we don’t have as many parks or trails as some cities, you can still enjoy the outdoors in our area without leaving town.

Sugar House Park is one of the largest parks in Salt Lake City, and it has a lot to offer – including a playground. This 110-acre park was once the site of a federal prison but has since been redesigned and renovated as a public space.

The playground has swings, slides, and play equipment for kids of all ages. It also has a special section for toddlers and a splash pad for cool summer days. Next blog post.


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