Shieldlane Park, Jordan River

Shieldlane Park, Jordan River

If you are looking for a great place to hike in Utah, Shieldlane Park might be the answer. The park features recreational opportunities and Federally protected land, as well as story walks and an LDS temple. Here are some things to keep in mind: Read This

Story Walks

South Jordan has turned its Jordan River Trail into a Story Walk, complete with stories from some of the most popular children’s books. Beginning on April 10 and running through Aug. 30, the story walks will allow participants to explore the beautiful Jordan River from a new perspective. In addition to the Jordan River trail, the city has converted Bingham Creek Trail into a Story Walk, too. Participants are encouraged to submit their favorite pages for potential publication.

The second event on the series is a story walk led by retired IU English professor, Carol Sanders. She’ll read the story “Meeting Trees” to the kids while leading a walk down Jordan River to learn about campus trees. Sanders believes that children spend too much time indoors and miss out on nature’s beauty and wonder. Furthermore, she says too much separation between children and the environment can lead them to care little about the environment as adults.

Federally protected land

In Utah, Shieldlane Park, located near the Jordan River, is a federally protected land that was acquired in 2008. This property was once a rich avian resource that connected the internationally significant Great Salt Lake and the dry West Desert. The river once provided abundant fish and wildlife habitat, but modern development has impacted the ecosystem. Fortunately, a few steps are being taken to restore the Jordan River’s natural habitat, including the acquisition of wetlands mitigation and the protection of the Jordan River.

Until recently, this federally protected land was home to a steel mill. When the mill closed, the natural course of the river was altered to support the mill. Invasive plant species were introduced, pushing out natural riparian vegetation and industrial contaminants were deposited in the waterway. Today, Shieldlane Park protects the Jordan River and its tributaries, providing a beautiful outdoor recreation destination for locals and visitors.Visit This Web Page

Recreational opportunities

There are a number of recreation opportunities at Shieldlane Park, located in the United States. The Jordan River Pkwy Trail is located here. This park offers plenty of opportunities to stay active, sunbathe, and read a book. Regardless of whether you are looking to hike, bike, or fish, there is something for everyone. Read the reviews below to find out what others think of this Utah park.

The Jordan River Narrows near the city of Salt Lake is a challenging stretch for beginners. The river is only about a hundred feet wide and 25 feet deep in some places, making it a challenging stretch for paddlers. Before water channeling out, this river was a very large river. It is possible to get caught in the middle of the river if it becomes too swift. If you do have to paddle during rapids, you must be aware of the current.

LDS temple

The Shieldlane Park Jordan River LDS temple was dedicated in 1888. It is located at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon. The original building, a small adobe building, was used to hold Sunday morning services for over two decades. During the 1870s, a larger building was built in granite rock and adobe, measuring 30 feet by 14 feet. The LDS temple is surrounded by the shrines and chapels of three stakes, amidst the scenic landscape. The community is also home to many other families of different faiths, although no other religious congregation holds regular meetings in the city.

Construction of the Jordan River LDS Temple began in 1981, when the LDS Church announced its plans for the area. It was built on land donated by the family of William M. Holt, who lived in the area. Although South Jordan has been a rural community, the LDS temple’s master plan was designed to preserve the area’s natural rural character into the 1990s. The area needed to expand its business tax base, however, so it encouraged development along Redwood Road, 10400 South, and near the I-15.

Business development

Despite the city’s recent expansion and the Jordan River’s natural beauty, South and North Jordan remain a relatively quiet farming community. The only businesses within a mile of each other were the Jordan Merc, H&E Service, White Fawn Flour Mill, and a few other local businesses. Today, the community includes a major grocery store, a freeway motel, and several high-rise business towers. Residents also enjoy a wide variety of public recreational facilities, including a public golf course, a county-operated equestrian complex, and a race track. See This Article

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