Evermore Park

Evermore is a unique experience park that is fun for the whole family. It is a fantasy adventure theme park where guests can interact with characters and learn about history. It also features axe throwing and a train ride.

The Utah business has already filed a lawsuit against Taylor Swift, alleging that the singer’s 2020 album “Evermore” infringed on its trademark and caused actual confusion online. Read this first!


Evermore is one of the most beautifully designed fantasy spaces I’ve ever seen. Pathways wind around charming cottages, lantern light spills out of tavern windows, and mist curls around stone corners. These buildings are not only gorgeous, but they feel lived in and sturdy.

There are few traditional rides at the park, but you can experience a small train ride around the grounds. Instead, the park is filled with period actors that interact with guests as part of the overall experience. The park is open year-round, so you can spend a leisurely day visiting the sights. It’s a great place for families to take in all of the beauty and adventure. The park also hosts a variety of seasonal events. This is a truly immersive experience that you won’t soon forget.


Evermore Park is a European-style village where visitors enter and interact with characters from the story. It features a mix of actors and special effects to bring the village to life.

Pathways wind around cottages and a tavern that feels lived in. Lantern light spills out of the windows, attracting guests to a lively group gathered in the tavern. A tavern is a place for puzzles and quests, and guests are encouraged to participate in the story.

Evermore hosts three seasonal events throughout the year, with themed parties in between. The first event is Mythos, a romance and lantern festival. In the fall, the village becomes a haunted place inspired by Celtic lore with Lore. Browse around this site to check more places to visit.

Train Ride

There’s plenty to do in Evermore, despite its lack of traditional rides. Walkways wind around charming cottages and into what feels like another world. Lantern light spills into a tavern, drawing you to a lively crowd.

In the Crooked Lantern Tavern, guests can interact with tavern patrons including dark hunters and a confident man. They can also join one of the park’s guilds and complete quests.

The most convenient way to reach Evermore Park is by train or bus. Check out Rome2Rio’s travel planner to get step-by-step directions and compare ticket prices and times. It’s easy to save money and time on your trip! Plus, the Heber Valley Railroad offers a fun family-friendly ride that is included in the price of admission. This option is only available during certain dates and tickets must be purchased in advance.


Evermore Park is more than a theme park. It is an immersive fantasy experience where you can become a character in the story, affect outcomes, and complete quests. It is also a feast for the senses.

The physical design of the park is beautiful. Pathways wind around charming cottages, drawing you deeper into what feels like another world. Lantern light spills into a tavern and draws you to a crowd of chattering patrons.

Escape rooms, go-karting, and a movie theater are all available in Pleasant Grove. However, most of the area’s best attractions are outside the city limits. This includes Big Baldy, which is a popular hiking trail that gives hikers the opportunity to enjoy beautiful scenery and natural attractions. You can also explore the Timpanogos Cave National Monument.

Fun for the Whole Family

Whether you are going to Evermore Park or just spending the night at home with your family, it is important to spend time making memories that will last a lifetime. One of the best ways to make a memory is by playing a fun game or taking a family photo.

After four years of construction, dozens of lawsuits and liens, sleepless nights, and a brush with bankruptcy, Evermore opened in September 2018. Now, its founder is optimistic that it will break even financially this year and continue growing with a slate of new events including art walks, educational museum partnerships, and a Dungeons & Dragons-style battle called Battle Evermore.

The main tip for first-time visitors to Evermore is to dress up! It makes the experience that much more exciting and memorable. Click here for more interesting articles.


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